Senior Section

Soon it will be time for the Class of 2024 to fill their Senior Section! Let’s make sure you all remember your time at Pine View by participating in the Senior Section. Many different parts go into the section beyond what you may realize. Keep reading to see what you need to submit and how to do it.

Submit photos and quote to the google classroom all seniors have been given the chance to join.
The Join Code is: TBD (seniors only)

Baby Photos, Casual Photos, Sibling Photos and Quotes are DUE BY: TBD

Senior Page purchase and pictures are DUE BY: TBD

*Late submissions will result in an enforced $20 fee

Parts of the senior section

Baby photos: Any photos of you as a child

Senior quotes: Any appropriate quote of your choice that does not exceed 150 characters (spaces included)

Sibling photos: Any photos of you and your siblings if they have attended or currently attend Pine View School.

Parts of the Senior Index

Casual photos: These were taken along with your Formal portraits, but you can submit your own pictures as well.

Clubs and activities: Let us know what clubs and activities you did while at Pine View. Include officer positions, but they may not be included if space is running short.

Feel free to contact our senior section editors by email!

* The yearbook and senior pages are purchased separately from each other.

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