Senior Pages

Senior Pages

There are many different templates to choose from for how you want the page to look like. Full pages have 7 templates, and half pages have 2 templates. Full page templates are labeled as A-G, and half page templates are labeled as H-I. One full page has anywhere from 16 to 20 pictures and one half page has 8 to 10 pictures, regardless of the template. Each placeholder on the template is marked with a number.

If you don’t submit anything or your submissions are inappropriate, they will not be included in the Senior Section or Index. Please make sure your submissions are school appropriate. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Senior Section Editors whose emails are listed at the bottom of this page. Submissions of photos should also be done through blackboard rather than the transaction website.

1st Step: Go to (linked above) and locate Pine View School, make sure to select high school rather than middle or elementary.

2nd Step: Should be to choose “Create a Personal Ad,” if you would also like to purchase a book that must be done separately.

3rd Step: You must fill out your information, you must use your full legal name. After that you may choose the size of your page and whether it is in color or not before finalizing it.

4th Step: After you finalize your page you will be asked to upload photos. Please do not do this and instead choose “I will deliver photos to my school at a later date” in the upper right of the popup.

5th Step: You may include a nickname or what you would like to be called in the headline textbox, this does not have to be your legal name but can be if you would like. You should also leave the body textbox empty.

6th Step: you get to the payment step, all senior page transactions should be done here and prices depend on whether your page is full or half and color or not.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Senior Section Editor Gwen Cushman or Editor in Chief Hana Han via their emails or other social medias you may have.

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