Junior Clusters

The following link may be used to sign up for Junior Clusters, remember to read the information below before signing up for a spot!

  • Sign up times: 1:20-2:20 from 11/7 to 11/11
  • You must have a name and description for your junior cluster. It may be funny, but it MUST be appropriate. Be prepared to provide your cluster’s name and description when registering for a time slot!
    • Example Name: “The Applesauce Gang”
    • Example Description: “We met in Mr. Robertson’s Algebra II class sophomore year and shared a love of Hammy Surprises.”
  • When taking the photo:
    • Absolutely NO hand signs. 
    • The photographer will be moving you around to get the best photo possible so please remain quiet and patient, listening to all instructions given to you. 
    • Be prepared to write down your first and last legal name once in line. There will be a clipboard passed around to do so. 
  • Junior clusters can only contain juniors!
    • If your junior cluster would like to submit additional photos of the cluster (on or off campus), you may submit photos in addition to the photo taken by the yearbook.
    • The photo(s) you submit cannot have hand signs, but goofy faces are acceptable.
    • To submit these photos, please email them to sophiaannelopez@gmail.com
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